Marine Construction

Marine and waterfront construction projects are a specialized type of construction that require certain types of equipment, knowledge, and careful planning for issues such as water control, working around the tides, and river diversion. The team at Reagan Marine Construction has spent the past 50 years learning the ins and outs of the marine construction industry. We have deep experience in all types of marine construction, across both commercial and residential projects.
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Serving the Narragansett Bay and surrounding areas

Our team consists of experienced professionals in the marine construction industry. A combination of engineers, project managers, and estimators ensure that every detail gets the attention it deserves. At Reagan Marine Construction, we believe a successful project is a safe one. We take the time to plan out the right steps for each project before it begins, carefully reviewing the potential safety hazards of every project. A detailed step-by-step procedure is developed to ensure the project is completed in a safe manner, including safe access for workers and equipment. We also perform a hazard analysis summary for project operations to further demonstrate our commitment to establishing a safe marine construction environment. 

Our commitment to safety is matched only by our dedication to quality. The steps taken during our project planning phase ensure the end result meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients. Our long list of satisfied customers across both the commercial and residential space are a testament to our unending commitment to quality marine construction. We are proud to list the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers, and our own State of Rhode Island among the list of satisfied customers.

Reagan Marine Construction Projects around the Narragansett Bay area

Careful planning not only improves safety and quality; it also helps to avoid unnecessary interruptions in the project timeline. Our focus on proper execution enables us to produce high-quality marine and waterfront construction structures in a productive and timely fashion, without compromising safety or your budget. We also care about the marine environment in which we work, making sure we minimize the impact we have on the water, land, and local wildlife.

The Reagan Marine Construction team has completed many marine and waterfront projects in the Narragansett Bay and surrounding areas. Our areas of expertise include:

Get the peace of mind knowing your marine construction project is in the hands of an experienced and trusted company that has been in the business for more than half a century.